Animal of the week The spring migration of frogs began – a whole road was closed in Tallinn for the safety of the squirrels

They wanted to secure their own spawning path for frogs.

Estonia the nature foundation informs: the “Suur konnade kevadränne” has started again, i.e. the spawning of frogs. In Tallinn, a peaceful journey is secured for the deaf.

Right now, frogs and toads waking up from hibernation are rushing to erotic hustle and bustle in a familiar spawning pond. They wander to the same ponds where they themselves once originated.

One One of the busiest spawning routes in Estonia is in Tallinn. The southwestern district of Astangu has a unique wooded wetland with a vibrant frog population. But oh: the spawning route is cut off by a busy road.

Frog masses move late at night to ten o’clock, so they are easily left to roll by cars. Thus, frog workshops have been held in Astangu every year.

“People come to the scene in the evening with flashlights and carry frogs in a bucket across the road,” says Frog Expert, Assistant Professor Riinu Rannap From the University of Tartu.

Now, due to the coronavirus, it is not appropriate for humans to congregate to flock, so for the safety of frogs, the entire road is now closed for two weeks. This was also the case last spring.

Frogs assembly restrictions do not apply. Hundreds, even thousands of brown frogs and toads take part in the spring gutter of horny thugs.

They can hike after a pond for miles. Fortunately, in Astangua, the distance from the home forest to the spawning grounds is only a couple of hundred meters. Water lizards and cape frogs also live in the forest, but they do not cross the road.

There is a similar danger point in Tartu, where the road splits the wetland. Rannap says there, families with children are on duty in the evenings and help the frogs to the other side.

If the familiar toad survives its journey, it can be crumbled from year to year. Rogue lives up to the age of 40.

The Estonian Foundation for Nature estimates that 133,000 frogs have been saved by relief efforts over the years. All amphibians are protected in Estonia, as in Finland.

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