Animal of the week | The researchers were surprised: a cuttlefish living in a tree was found in Indonesia

Sometimes it's feeling like you're in a strange situation and feeling like you don't belong. It can feel like a first-timer at the Castle's party. It's like being a fish on dry land. Or a shrimp in a tree.

The metaphor is quite apt, because a critter that looks like a shrimp has actually been found in a tree in the jungles of Indonesia. It has not wandered there from the sea as a result of some multi-generational romp, but this creature really lives in a tree.

The discovery was made by a research team that traveled to the mysterious and misty Cyclopean Mountains in the northern parts of the island of Papua. On the same trip, they found a beaked hedgehog that was thought to be lost we told on the forum already before.

That's about it of course, it's not from the shrimp at the fish counter, but the critter is a cuttlefish. However, the English “shrimp” used by researchers can refer to both.

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The rainforested Cyclopean Mountains rise to a height of more than a kilometer on the coast of Papua. One could imagine that the typical fauna of the mountains would not include, for example, fish or creatures like shrimp.

First of all, catfish, being a seafood, breathes with gills.

But that's how they still manage in the rainforest. Breaks were found both on the ground and in the trees. The researchers speculate that it is probably so humid in the forest that the cuttlefish can roost there. The discovered species does not yet have a name.

In themselves, such land crabs are not quite exceptional. Other species are also known, for example from Australia. They survive in moist soil and die if allowed to dry out.

Also on the shores of the Baltic Sea there is a species of cuttlefish that survives on land. It bounces on the sand, which is why the Swedes call the creature strandhoppare. The critters haven't spread all the way to the coast of Finland.

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Papuan the discovery trip took off. One of the researchers broke his arm in two places, another got malaria and the third got a leech in his eye. The worm hung in the eye for a day and a half until it was removed in the hospital.

In addition, the researchers had to dodge poisonous snakes and spiders.

Despite this, in their opinion, the trip was quite successful.

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