Animal of the week Scientists have discovered the anal of a sebaceous mite – the creature lives on our skin

In summer you should avoid ticks. However, one species will not escape at all.

Virtually everyone on the skin lives microscopically small sebum spots. They park in the pores of the skin and sip fat from there to eat with their tiny mouth.

At night, they have sex on your forehead.

Talipunkki or Demodex folliculorum grows to a length of about 0.3 millimeters.

Its body is elongated. Primarily, it has three pairs of buttocks that it paddles on our skin at a speed of a few millimeters per hour. The winter mites are so small that they cannot be felt.

There is no harm in that either. On the contrary, they can be useful: they keep the pores clean.

One of the greatest mysteries of modern science has been whether the talipunk has an anus. Several scientists have thought that the mite would have, so to speak, the digestion of a moomin. Thus, a permanently stuffed creature would eat until it fills with feces and explodes.

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Now Molecular Biology and Evolution A study published in the journal finally sheds light on the matter. There is a hole in it. A microscopic image reveals a functioning, albeit simple, digestive system.

At the same time, the penis of the sebaceous tick was measured. It is small.

You survived more. The talc mite is basically human extravagance, but in practice it has already merged into symbiosis with us.

Genetic research reveals that at the same time it has atrophied to be the simplest of spiders. It has only three muscle cells in each leg, and its functional dna has been reduced to a minimum.

In human skin pores, it has no natural competitors or predators. It can only be rotten.

Researchers speculate that this development could eventually lead to the extinction of the winter mite, as the mites are also highly inbred. They do little to look for their partners beyond the adjacent skin pores.

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Winter ticks is another species Demodex brevis. It is even smaller and inhabits the sebaceous glands.

If your life feels lonely, you can always take comfort in the thought that even now, a thousand little friends are hugging your face.

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