Animal of the week | Researchers are amazed – Spanish killer whales have ganged up and are attacking boats

The killer whales of Spain have become bad-tempered.

Street gangs talkative. The youth wears special fashion clothes and riots in the streets.

But now the whales have already started ganging up. For a couple of years, the coast of Spain has been wondering about killer whales who have turned into hooligans. In Roadman style, they have a black and white design and evil in mind.

For some reason, young whales attack boats off Spain and Portugal. They have already sunk three ships and damaged dozens.

Fatalities has not come. In general, these intelligent apex predators are never known to have killed a human in the wild.

They make a bad impression on boats. The whales attack in a coordinated fashion: one swims to the side of the boat at breakneck speed while the others try to destroy the rudder. Most of the attacks target sailboats.

Scientists are puzzled. Has a member of the herd been killed by a boatman and now the animals are taking revenge? Fishing vessels disturb the life of whales.

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Eyewitnesses have described how the older whales clearly guide the younger ones to attack. When the attacks began in 2020, the only adult to attack the boats was a female named White Gladis.

On the other hand, a large part of the attacks seem to be the result of youth. Younger whales move among themselves in small groups and terrorize boaters.

I can to be that it is some kind of fad.

Killer whales are very intelligent and social. They have their own culture and different customs spread in their populations just like we humans do. The killer whale population in the Iberian region has been calculated to be 39 individuals.

Maybe attacking boats is just fun for them at the moment. Someone has invented a new trend that is spreading among the youth. They keep going until they get bored.

Renowned a fad was seen in 1987 on the coast of Canada, when a female whale for some reason figured out to keep a dead salmon on her head as if it were a hat. It wasn’t long before other killer whales in the area also had salmon caps.

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