Animal of the week Eyes hard: a strawberry-like summer delicacy guards the border between light and dark

The strawberry squid sees up, down and in front of it at the same time.

In summer it is nice to swim and eat strawberries. Octopus living in the Pacific Ocean Histioteuthis heteropsis combines both activities.

Or fish it eats but looks just like a strawberry. Hence the unofficial name, strawberry squid.

The surface of the animal’s red skin has light organs as dense as strawberry seeds. By flickering them, the squid merges with the faint rays of sunlight that are sifted into its kingdom.

Strawberry squid lives on the frontiers of twilight at a depth of hundreds of meters. Moving around the edge of light and darkness, Kalmar has developed a special feature that allows it to observe both worlds.

Squid eyes are a completely different pair: one eye is small and blue and the other is a huge, yellowish dome. Moise would be thought to follow quite a bit of astigmatism, but the strawberry squid has been visited by an optician. It sees up, down and in front of it at the same time.

The animal swims diagonally head down so that the yellowish mollusk looks up towards the surface. For squid looking for prey.

The eye filters out the blue light that travels from the surface so that it separates the fish flying against that background. Even the fish try to blend into the slightly bluish background of the surface, but if the fake outfit isn’t quite perfect, the squid separates them with its yellow lens.

With his small blue eye, the squid roams to the depths. The small eye specializes in detecting the dim glare produced by deep-sea organisms.

In the process the squid itself regulates its own light according to how deep it swims. The mollusk has a mind-boggling nervous system.

Kalmar’s eyes are quite different in structure and specialize in detecting different wavelengths.

Nevertheless, when Kalmar is born, they are the same size and develop separately from it. Slightly like flounder with their eyes wandering to the back. There are special innovations in the sea.

Squid is eaten, but a tenacious animal is certainly not a fresh summer treat – at least not a taste of strawberries.



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