Animal of the week Atacama’s ghost fish thrives in its cool realm – on the surface it melts like ice cream in the heat

Suction fish are the deepest living fish.

Heat scorch. If you could dive really deep into the water, you would end up in a completely different world. To the kingdom of Hades.

In the depths of the oceans, the water is zero degrees and no sunscreen is needed. No ray of light can pass through masses of water to a depth of six kilometers, from which the so-called hadal zone begins.

There live magical creatures.

One some time ago, scientists peeked under the waves of the Pacific, at the tomb of Atacama. Only diving equipment made of thick steel is relevant to the pressing depths. It took four hours for the instrument to fall to the bottom. In order to attract the inhabitants of the bottom, the dead mackerel had ridden on board.

A camera shielded behind a sapphire crystal watched what kind of organisms arrived on the scene. The video soon recorded a fish that was the complete opposite of man’s heavy steel equipment.

A fragile, ghostly suckling fish swam to explore the bait like some blue angel. White, gauze fins split heavy water.

The suction fish of the depths do not thrive on the surface, but evaporate like a ghost.

Bluish and transparent suckling fish are inhabitants of the deepest graves of the oceans. They are browned by eight kilometers of water.

No skeleton can withstand that, and the body of a fish is almost jelly: the backbone is a flexible cartilage and only the teeth and balance stones of the inner ear are a harder act.

In some species, even a kind of antifreeze, antifreeze proteins, flows in their veins. At depths, water can sink to the side of the frost.

The suckling fish are so perfectly adapted to their dark kingdom that they can never get out of there. Without devices, man could not see them and would never even know they existed.

Researchers managed to capture one individual for identification and took computed tomography images of it.

When raised to the surface, the fragile beauty of the blue angel fish disappears. Studied fish Thomas Linley has described how a jelly-like animal evaporates under the eyes like a ghost.

The pressure-adapted fish melts on the surface like ice cream in the heat.



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