Animal of the week A screaming beltman defies the ban on singing

The Bolivian belt screams like an edible.

Sometimes the names of the animals hit the button. For example, this belt. Its most notable features are that it is hairy and it screams. So in English, this cunning animal is descriptively “screaming hairy Armadillo”.

In Finnish, it is a tortoiseshell belt. No funnier either! Today, however, it is recommended to speak of the Bolivian belt, depending on the main area of ​​occurrence of the animal.

No song compliance would be problematic for this hedgehog-sized armor. Usually, the belt-clogs just growl or growl when they get excited, but this one really screams. When lifted into the lap, the animal releases blood-clotting crunches that indicate that the situation is not pleasing to it.

The scribble belt does not realize that shouting during corona restrictions is an injustice. You should be fined. Even in the music class, you can only get a smile.

Argentines the scholars went a couple of years ago to sing the belt. They picked 28 individuals from the wild and recorded their animation. In the study NatureThe journal states that the belted voice has a “rich harmonic structure”.

By screaming, the animal must try to frighten the predator or lure an even bigger beast to attack another. As a warning to other belt-strangers, a vote is hardly intended, the researchers reflect. Belted beings are solo moving solo artists.

The belt concert could be accompanied by charango. It’s a South American traditional instrument, a kind of little guitar whose reverb has long been made of dried belted back armor.

It is not known who invented such a banded mandolin and why. Perhaps the instrument was once the easiest to make from the belt, which is sufficient in the Andean regions. Today, charangos are usually made of wood, but the shape of the echo can still mimic the belt armor.

If the more familiar instruments saturate, so it is possible to learn to play with a belt.



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