An American state allows residents to carry weapons without a permit!


The Tennessee newspaper reported that Tennessee would become the latest US state to allow residents to carry guns without a permit after Governor Bill Lee signed the “Open Carrying of Arms” bill on Thursday. The “constitutional possession” law, which comes into effect in July, will allow most citizens over the age of 21 who legally own their weapons to carry them in public places without additional permission. The governor explained on Twitter that on Thursday he signed a constitutional law permitting the carrying of weapons, adding, “because it should not be difficult for law-abiding Tennessees to exercise their rights.” [التعديل الثاني]. Thanks to members of the General Assembly and the National Rifle Association for helping get this done. ” It is noted that among 50 US states, 31 states generally allow the carrying of weapons in public places without a permit or license, although firearms are still prohibited in specific locations in Those states And US President Joe Biden spoke on Thursday in support of controlling the possession of weapons.

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