“American Senators” approves the appointment of Lisa Monaco as Deputy Attorney General

The US Senate overwhelmingly approved the appointment of Lisa Monaco as Deputy Attorney General, endorsing President Joe Biden’s nomination.
The Council approved the appointment of Monaco by 98 votes, against two.
One of Monaco’s most urgent tasks will be to help oversee the widespread investigation into the January 6th attack by a group of supporters of former President Donald Trump on the US Congress.
More than 410 people face a group of charges for their role in the riots, and their charges range from simple to serious, such as attacking the police, obstructing the work of Congress and plotting to storm the building.
Among the other major issues that Monaco will face is the implications of a cyber-hacking campaign led by Ross that targeted programs developed by the Solar Winds Foundation and targeted government agencies, including the Ministries of Treasury, Justice and Trade.
Most recently, Monaco, 53, worked for the legal services firm Omelveni & Myers.
Prior to that, she played a variety of roles in the Justice Department and the White House.
Monaco also served as a national security and counterterrorism advisor in the Barack Obama administration.

Source: Agencies

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