“American Senators” approve of Linda Greenfield as UN ambassador

Linda Thomas Greenfield attends a Senate hearing on her nomination as US Ambassador to the United Nations at Capitol Hill in Washington

The US Senate approved by a very large majority the appointment of Linda Thomas-Greenfield as the US ambassador to the United Nations, in a victory for President Joe Biden, whose other names he nominated for key positions in his administration are facing strong objections from the Republican opposition.
Thomas-Greenfield (68 years), a seasoned diplomat who served under former President Barack Obama as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, won the support of 78 senators in exchange for the 20 who voted against her.
In the United States, the Senate has the power to approve or reject presidential nominations for key positions in the government, bearing in mind that the US envoy to the United Nations is a position occupied by an ambassador but with the rank of minister.
On Tuesday, the Senate also approved by an overwhelming majority the appointment of Tom Vilsack (70 years) as Minister of Agriculture, a position he held throughout Obama’s term (2009-2017).
The Council approved the appointment of this veteran minister, by 92 votes, compared to only seven female senators who voted against him.
Other members of Biden’s nomination for key positions in his administration are facing stronger resistance in the Senate, including his health portfolio candidate, Xavier Becera, who went to a hearing on Tuesday before a Senate committee.
If Becera, 63, manages to retain the support of all Democratic senators, he could become the first Hispanic minister to take over the health portfolio.
So far, the Senate has approved fewer than half of the members of the Biden government, which has 23 ministers, which took office on January 20.

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Source: Agencies


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