American football Top game builder Drew Brees played sideways sore, eventually revealing eleven rib fractures

Eight ribs broke on one side and three on the other.

American football quarterback Drew Breesin rib and lung injuries proved to be more severe than previously thought. According to U.S. media, 11 ribs broke from a top player in New Orleans Saints.

The reading is significantly higher than the original diagnosis that he had five ribs broken and his lungs collapsed, ESPN said. Further investigation revealed that Brees has eight broken ribs on the left and three on the right.

Brees left last week’s winning match against the San Francisco 49ers in the middle of the half. He was said to suffer from a side injury. Brees faced an opponent Kentavius ​​Street murmur, but doctors estimate that the 40-year-old quarterback had already suffered some of his injuries earlier in the match and continued to play.

The Saints put Brees on the list of injured players on Friday. Initially, he was estimated to be on the sidelines for three matches, but now he is estimated to be on the sidelines for longer.

Brees is a professional league NFL all-time top man in yards and touchdowns. Last season, Brees ’pace was slowed by a torn ligament in the throwing hand.


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