American football The NFL player arrived in front of the media in a face mask showing his smiling face and got to explain his choice to the video

Za’Darius Smith of the Green Bay Packers told the story of the reason for the special mask by publishing his company.

American a football player playing in the NFL Za’Darius Smith stole attention during the Sunday conference final with his special face mask.

Smith, 28, from the Green Bay Packers, arrived in front of the media in a mask printed with Smith’s own smiling face.

After the event, Packers released a video in which Smith explains his mask selection.

The supporter said Packers’ defense watched a video of last year’s conference final, and his real face didn’t smile after that.

“I put on a mask so I could get a smile on my face,” he said.

If the video embedding does not appear in your browser, you can view it from here.

Smith refers to a match in the previous year’s conference finals that the San Francisco 49ers won at 37-20 and advanced to the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, Smith and Packers will try to clear the way for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The winner of the match will advance to the Super Bowl in Tampa in February.

At the end of the video, Smith talks about how his son’s only wish for a birthday present is a Packers victory.


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