American football The NFL invites 7,500 health professionals to the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be played in Tampa on Sunday, February 7th.

American the football NFL league announced on Friday that it will invite 7,500 health care heroes to the league’s final match in the Super Bowl in February.

Employees invited to the auditorium have received a coronary vaccine. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the invitation was a recognition of the work involved during the pandemic.

“These dedicated healthcare workers continue to risk their own lives to serve others, and we owe them our continued gratitude,” Goodell said, according to news agency AFP.

The Super Bowl will be played in Tampa on Sunday, February 7th. The professionals invited to the match come primarily from Tampa or the state of Florida.

In addition, all NFL clubs invite a small number of coroner-vaccinated health care workers from their respective markets to the Super Bowl.

Pandemian the audience constraints it brings apply to the Super Bowl as well. The NFL said on Friday it had drawn up a plan for the match with the authorities.

In addition to healthcare professionals, the auditorium will be accessible to 14,500 other spectators with, among other things, a mask compulsion and strictly defined safety intervals.

The normal audience capacity of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home stadium is 65,618 spectators.

Teams playing in the Super Bowl will be settled on Sunday this week. The winners of the Kansas City Chiefs – Buffalo Bills and Green Bay Packers – Tampa Bay Buccaneers will advance to the finals.


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