American football The European Championship medalist in sprinting is looking for success in the Maple League: “Running started to taste a bit like cardboard”

Helsinki Roosters winger Willem Kajander is the Finnish instant messaging champion and the European Bronze medalist under the age of 23.

Sprint the finnish medalist is a rarity that cannot be found on sports fields until rush hour. This summer, however, one can be found in the Maple League of American football.

Willem Kajander, 24, switched from athletics to American football. The new home was found in the ranks of Helsinki Roosters, the Finnish endurance winner of the sport.

“The exchange came perhaps faster than I had actually expected. I chose that when I stop developing in athletics, I quit, and switch to Yankee running, ”Kajander says.

“Running started to taste a little cardboard, and I no longer enjoyed it the way I had enjoyed it before.”

Kajander says he has been excited about his new sport for a long time. The athlete, accustomed to success, also wants to celebrate in Roosters, which was left out of the medals for the continuation of eight consecutive championships last fall.

“I think I have won the Finnish championship in football and athletics. The dream is to win the championship here too, so I could say I did the hat trick: the Finnish championship in three different sports, ”says Kajander.

Sipoolainen Kajander started football in his hometown at the age of five. His best wins, including first place in the Nike Premier Cup, he achieved as a teenager in Honga.

In the same team, the one in the European Championship competition team was playing Fredrik Jensen. Jensen is missing the EM medal, at least for now. You can find one in Kajander.

He was running the European Championship bronze medal for under-23s in Bydgoszcz, Poland in July 2017.

“It’s the most amazing experience of my sports career. It was quite sick, ”recalls Kajander, who ran Finland’s opening leg.

Finland ran with Kajander, Oskari Lehtonen, Samuli Samuelsson, Aleksi Lehto third, with a clear distinction. Still, Kajander and the partners were not believing their eyes.

“While it was pretty clear, I didn’t want to believe it until it was on the board. We just wondered with the guys what we have done, ”Kajander said.

“It couldn’t be believed to be true. What a miracle – we won the European Championship bronze. ”

Porvoo Kajander, who has won two Finnish instant championships in the Achilles ranks, has run 100 meters at his fastest time of 10.54.

There would be enough time this season for fifth place in domestic statistics. Needless to say, there is not as fast a fast runner in the Maple League. Kajander has received praise for his speed.

“They know on paper that now comes the fast guy. Still, they have said they didn’t understand how the hell it really is, ”Kajander says.

Kajander is not part of the Roosters incipient attack. He still offers a usable precision precisely because of his speed. Opponents’ defenses have to be on their toes due to the running scare brought by Kajander.

“It opens up our attacking style of play. For example, I can only be made to show that I run upright and throw a few dusk balls on the other side. ”

“Yankee football is the most tactical sport in the world. Let’s see what the attack coordinator, coach sun others come up with and how they want to use me on the field, ”he continues.

Kajander discussed with Roosters head coach before the changeover Juha Hakalan with. He informed Hakala that he understood if the place in the roster would not open and was ready to get a foothold on the team for the next season.

“I have to thank the corona because the season started a little later. The training season had lengthened, and the stuff had not yet been pulled. I got involved and I’ve learned a whole lot of new things here in three months. ”

Families Lars Fagerholmin Kajander, who practiced sprinting in coaching, has not hung spikes on the nail permanently despite his new career.

“We’ve made a deal with Kuts, and I’m going to run posts as long as the run goes by. I don’t burn bridges with anyone, ”Kajander says.

“I got a really good feeling about how the matter was received on the athletics side. We tried a little to cover up the fact that I had changed species before I knew for sure I was in the roster. ”

Roosters – Wolverines at the Helsinki Velodrome on Thursday 17 June at 6.30 pm.

Willem Kajander

  • A 24-year-old athlete from Sipoo. Born in July 1996.

  • Play American football in Maple League Helsinki Roosters.

  • Formerly involved in football and athletics.

  • Double Finnish instant messaging champion and European Championship bronze medalist under the age of 23.

  • 100-meter record 10.54.



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