American football Roosters Wins Local Derby – Watch a video of the first touchdown in the career of European Championship medalist Willem Kajander

Kajander escaped from Elmeri Laalo and caught Miro Kadmiry’s throw.

Roosters – Wolverines 28–22

Athletics changed Helsinki Roosters to American football Willem Kajander, 24, got a taste of the touchdown right away in his debut match.

The fast-paced winger knocked the quarterback Miro Kadmiryn an accurate throw into their hands at the end of the third quarter of the Wolverines match.

Kadmiry directed his throw right into the right rear corner of the goal area. Kajander left 100 meters at 10.54 Elmeri Laalon behind and scored a goal.

“It came from a vertical running game. We had maybe 25 yards to the finish line, and the defender was a yard away from me. I’ve always been told not to leave the line in full, so I stayed to giggle at it. Deception inside, and I burned it at the guy’s speed from the outside, ”Kajander told HS after the match.

“Then I looked at QB [pelinrakentajaa] and that is where the ball came from. I jumped, caught the ball in the goal area, and then it was there. The whole team ran towards me, and I was just kidding, what the heck is going on here. Then I hiff the situation and I was that not a devil – this became just the kind of opening I had hoped for. ”

Kajander, who won the European Championship bronze medal for under-23s, didn’t change the sport until this spring. He is also the two-time Finnish champion in running.

Kajanderin the touchdown brought Roosters six extra points and increased the team’s lead to 27-0.

“There’s always a belief that when it comes to some quick guy, that’s if it catches balls. When I messed up at the beginning of one throwing game, it would have been a bit of a bad mood if it hadn’t become a success in the game. It came, and I can say that all failures were forgotten at the same time. ”

“There was such a damn good feeling when the whole team is behind. It seems to be still a winning touchdown, ”Kajander, who received two catches in his stats, added.

Recalling the moment of the decision, he hit the right, as Roosters won the local local race 28-22. The team led 21-0 before Kajander’s capture.

The match was Roosters ’first of the season. Wolverines, meanwhile, played their second match of the summer. The team’s season started last week with a away loss in Porvoo.



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