American football Popular NFL Coach Sends Numerous Sexist and Racist Messages Over the Years – Case Revealed Accidentally in Second Investigation

Jon Gruden resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders immediately after the news went public.

American the latest football NFL scandal came to the fore this week after the Las Vegas Raiders Jon Grudenin was reported to have repeatedly sent inappropriate emails for at least seven years.

Gruden’s messages included, among other things, sexist and racist content, which in many cases directly targeted specific individuals.

The New York Times released the news on Monday, detailing Gruden ‘s long – standing inappropriate communication. On the same day, Gruden announced his resignation as head coach of the Raiders.

Grudenin the messages came to light in a half-accident when the NFL investigated problems with the Washington Football Team’s workplace culture, says ESPN. Most of the messages had been sent by Gruden to the then president of the club Bruce Allenille.

Among other things, during the 2011 employment dispute, Gruden wrote that the director of the NFL Players Association With DeMaurice Smith was “Michelin-sized lips,” he says The Wall Street Journal.

In 2014, Gruden criticized the NFL commissioner Roger Goodellia that this should not have “put pressure” on the then head coach of St. Louis Rams Jeff Fisher “To reserve hints”. Rams booked at the time in the seventh round Michael Samin, who became the first openly reserved gay player in the NFL.

According to The New York Times, Gruden used similar expressions several more times to describe, among others, some league owners, coaches, and members of the media.

Sexual minorities the offensive messages made it impossible for Gruden to continue as Raiders head coach at the latest. Raiders defense lineman Carl Nassib announced in the summer that he was the first NFL active player of all time to be gay.

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The Athletic says Nassibin stayed on Wednesday aside from team action for personal reasons. Nassib received public support from, among other things, the sports director From Mike Mayock and star striker From Darren Waller.

“No one can tell him how he should feel and mourn. He deserves to take the time for himself because there’s a lot to process here, ”Waller said.

Gruden’s actions were widely criticized throughout the NFL. Among other things, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers assured that Gruden’s behavior does not in any way reflect the locker room culture of current NFL teams.

Admittedly, not all the speeches were full of negative things.

“I love him, but I hate his actions. No one is perfect, ”Raiders’ number one game builder Derek Carr said emotionally According to The Athletic.

Grudenin the long contract was valid until the end of the 2027 season. According to media sources, it was also exceptionally moneyful for the NFL head coach: the total salary is said to have been $ 100 million for ten years.

The great agreement was explained by the old merits and the general popularity of Gruden. Among other things, he coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl winner in the 2002 season.

In 2009, Gruden served as a colorful and outspoken expert commentator on ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts.


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