American football NFL’s brightest star Patrick Mahomes plays in a decisive Super Bowl spot, although he is believed to have had a concussion a week ago

Last in the NFL final Super Bowl, winning the Kansas City Chiefs has once again been through the season a clear number one favorite to champion. However, the second round of the ongoing playoffs once again provided a reminder of how fragile success and health can be in American football.

Chiefs star game builder Patrick Mahomes got stuck in the third quarter of a match against Cleveland Browns. The rigging did not look outwardly drastic, but the consequences were wild.

The swaying Mahomes, 25, had difficulty getting up and staying upright even with help, and his gaze was clearly absent.

After Mahomes had to leave the match, the Browns got into a match that already seemed settled. In the end, the Chiefs managed to take a narrow victory with points 22-17.

Sunday and on the night before Monday in Finnish time, the Chiefs will play against Buffalo Bills from the spot in the season-leading Super Bowl.

At first, it looked like the Chiefs might have to make it to the final of the AFC conference without Mahomes, the team’s main player, and the heart of the attack. On Friday, however, he told reporters he passed the league’s concussion protocol and received a game permit for Sunday.

“This week has been filled with tests and other things, which have ensured that I am ready to play and no late symptoms,” Mahomes said.

Over the course of the week, information came to light that instead of a concussion, Mahomes’ symptoms were due to a nerve pressure in his neck.

However, the rumor has not been confirmed, suggesting that Mahomes’ case is precisely a concussion. Head injuries have been a very difficult problem for the NFL, and information about another kind of ailment would have been announced loudly. Now, despite the approval of doctors, playing Mahomes will inevitably raise questions and criticism.

Recurring head attacks have been shown to lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the long-term symptoms of which include dementia, tremor, speech disorders, rage attacks, depression, and suicide.

By 2017, the brains of 111 dead NFL players had been studied at Boston University. Signs of CTE were found all but one.

More than 4,500 former players filed a class action against the NFL in 2013. According to the players, the league had deliberately concealed the health dangers associated with concussions while glorifying fierce tackles and using them as a marketing tool.

The NFL ended up settling the case, which could cost it more than a billion dollars in the end. By August 2020, compensation had been paid to players who developed neurological symptoms after their careers about $ 720 million.

Teammate Mike Remmers had to physically support Patrick Mahomes when he had difficulty staying on his posts after the concussion. Current NFL concussion regulations prevented Mahomes from returning to the Cleveland Browns match.­

Injury has disrupted Mahomes ’preparations for Sunday’s important match. His week has progressed according to the NFL concussion protocol, and on Thursday he was already able to train properly with the team.

In the old days, Mahomes might have been allowed back into the Browns match. Experienced head coach of the Chiefs Andy Reid considers the change to be positive in all respects and believes it will protect both the injured players and the decision-making staff.

“I think Patrick would say the same to you. You saw him run from the field to the tunnel, at that point he was already feeling pretty good. But now we have to go by the protocol, which takes the decision out of the hands of individuals, ”Reid said The Washington Post according to Monday.

Numerous experts have also commented on playing Mahomes during the week. Between 1992 and 2010, he played a record 321 matches as a starting quarterback Brett Favre said TMZ Sportsin in the interview that Mahomes should be very careful with the decision.

“It kind of fights against everything I represented when I played myself. But he has to be sensible, ”said Favre, an all-time NFL quarterback.

“At a young age, living in an instant easily feels bulletproof. But now I am 51 years old and wonder what tomorrow will bring because we experienced in concussion. “

If in summer A $ 450 million extension agreement Mahomes would have entered into the page, Kansas City would be forced to rely on instead of “half-billion-dollar man” one and a half million dollar man, or vice quarterback Chad Henneen.

Hennen, 35 ,’s own peak years date back to the early part of the last decade, when he played for five seasons as a starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars. For the past six years, Henne has gotten into real action mainly in rehearsals.

In the Browns victory, Henne successfully took the reins. His climax came two minutes before the end of the match when, as the throwing options waned, Henne ended up running towards the point required for new attempts. The long run ended in a sacrificial plunge, and while the new attempts required to ensure the victory of the match had yet to come, he handled the job with a bold fourth attempt throw.

A conference reminiscent of an honorary gallery

Before The final of the AFC conference, which will be played in Finnish time on Sunday and Monday nights, will meet the best of the NFC conference on Sunday evening.

On the NFC side, the power of quarterbacks is held by experienced veterans instead of youth, for Aaron Rodgersin, 37, hosted by the Green Bay Packers Tom Brady, 43, and his this season their new team Tampa Bay Buccaneersia.

The weather can bring its own spice to the match. Green Bay in Wisconsin has been predicted to have a couple of degrees Celsius and snowfall that could give the home team an advantage over guests accustomed to the heat of Florida.

According to the betting agencies, Packers will leave the match as a slight pre-favorite. However, the previous encounter between the teams in the sixth week of the regular season in Tampa Bay was at the time of the Buccaneers’ superior display, taking the victory with a score of 38-10.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (left) congratulated his Tampa Bay Buccaneers colleague Tom Brady for winning last Sunday’s playoff match. At the same time, it was probably the decision of Brees ’handsome NFL career.­

For conference finals to get to the Buccaneers had to win a similar encounter with superstars, where Brady sent one legend as likely to retire. A match-winning New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Breesin, 42, is expected to announce termination after a two-decade NFL career and move on to become a commentator on the NBC channel.

Brees is the number one NFL all-time in yards and successful passes, and Brady holds second in both stats. In the touchdowns entered, the top two is the same but the order is reversed.

Brady and Brees have represented the absolute pinnacle of their industry virtually throughout the current millennium, and there is a deep mutual respect between them. After last weekend’s match, a video spread on social media where, after a long conversation between the duo, Brady throws a touchdown at Brees ’11-year-old boy For Baylen.

Green Bay Packers – Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday from 10:05 p.m., and Kansas City Chiefs – Buffalo Bills on Sunday and Monday nights from 1:40 p.m. V Sport Sports and Viaplay both show live.


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