American football In American football, coronary infections despite vaccinations

The head coach of the Indianapolis Colts became infected.

American in the first league of football in the NFL, training camps are launched, but coronavirus infections mess up the patterns.

Head coach of the Indianapolis Colts Frank Reich has received the coronavirus even after being vaccinated. The Reich is asymptomatic so far, but may return to work no earlier than a week after Monday, the sports site ESPN said.

NFL the clubs returned to work last month and since then four players and 13 staff members have given a positive test result. Two of these infections came last weekend – one for the player and one for the background person.

The league is planning bracelets for unvaccinated people, but the players ’association is hesitant about the meaning of the decision.

The NFL is serious about preventing corona infections and wants to get the season off to a good start. The series plans to lose points and match bonuses if there are breaks in the league due to the infection of an unvaccinated person.

Nearly one hundred percent of the background people have been vaccinated and about 80 percent of the players have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Two a player who receives a dose of vaccine is exempted from daily corona tests, but those who receive one vaccine are tested every day.

The NFL kicks off with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers match on September 9th. Tampa will face the Dallas Cowboys.



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