American football 11-time Finnish champion Santtu Äyräväinen ends his career

Roosters icon Äyräväinen rose to a club with 500 tackles last season.

American has represented Helsinki Roosters, the endurance winner of the football Maple League, since the 2014 season Santtu Äyräväinen end his career as a player.

Äyräväinen, 36, tells Roosters of his decision Facebook page as well as Maple League website. He told his team about it on Thursday night.

“It was such a good Christmas that the decision to stop playing seemed timely,” Äyräväinen opens his decision on the Maple League website.

“There’s so much more going on in life that now felt like the right time to focus on those other things as well.

Butchers from Porvoo won six consecutive Finnish championships in Roosters in 2014–2019. Äyräväinen has managed to raise the maple bowl as many as 11 times, as he won five Finnish Championship golds in Butchers.

Santtu Äyräväinen (right) raised the Maple Bowl as many as 11 times in his career. There were six championships in Roosters. Pictured are the victory celebrations at Roosters 2017.­

As a supporter played Äyräväinen last season as the sixth Maple League player to the limit of 500 tackles.

The statistical history of the Finnish American Football Association’s SAJL begins in 2003, but Äyräväinen’s playing career is longer than the digital follow-up period.

He believes about three tackles have been left out of the statistics.

Äyräväinen holds a one-season record in the Maple League in bouts (7), and on the pages of the series he is also thought to have the most defense touchdowns (7) in his account, which are not recorded separately.

The Roosters icon also has one Helsinki club in its name record that is, the longest power failure recovery.

He returned the feed cut to a hundred-yard touchdown in June 2017 when Roosters applied 35-8 win Hämeenlinna as a guest of the Huskies.

Santtu Äyräväinen in the national team’s exercises in 2018.­

To the national team Äyräväinen also played in the Oslo Vikings as well as in the German GFL League Essen Assinia Cardinals and the Braunschweig New Yorker Lions.

Äyräväinen was chosen in the 2008 season as both the Maple League player of the year and the defender of the year.

In August 2019 Äyräväinen opened to HS Roosters’ everyday life.

“Our operations and training are based on us being on time with the right equipment and acting correctly, that is, as professionally as possible,” he said.

“We have created a responsible atmosphere that is as professional as possible within this framework, and where everyone is responsible not only for themselves but also for others. Everyone has a clear goal – everyone wants to win and succeed. ”

Santtu Äyräväinen’s 11th Finnish Championship gold came at the end of the 2019 season.­


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