Amazon | Amazon, which “killed” Parler, is the most dangerous company in the world, says a new book – and so it grows even more dangerous

Jeff Bezozin Founded 26 years ago by the bookstore, today the world’s fourth most valuable listed company, Amazon is still known for its bookstore, but the company is also looking to expand into almost every industry.

Amazon’s fastest-growing business is AWS, or Amazon Web Services, almost unknown to many.

AWS is the world ‘s largest cloud service company, about twice the size of its second largest competitor. It offers a variety of services from data processing to machine learning so that the services are paid for according to usage.

AWS controls cloud services with a market share of 32%, making it an extremely important player in the global market. Giant services like Netflix, Pinterest and Zoom run entirely on their servers and are dependent on Amazon services.

It was for this reason that Amazon was able to terminate the Parler service at its own discretion just as Donald Trump’s supporters began to gather as its users, following Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend Trump’s account.

The 50 most dangerous companies in the world author who wrote the book Juha-Pekka Raeste tells in a video how Amazon Web Services affects Amazon and how technology companies can impact the world – for better or worse.

Size Amazon’s revenue exceeded $ 232 billion in 2018, of which AWS accounted for less than one-fifth. However, AWS’s share of the Group’s operating profit has been as high as 70% in recent years. Amazon will thus be able to finance the growth of its e-commerce and other new business with the result of Amazon Web Services.

Only 5% of the world’s telecommunications is in the cloud. Thus, the growth potential is huge, and with it, Amazon’s influence can be expected to grow even more.


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