Alpine skiing Urs Kryenbühl was seriously injured after crashing at a speed of almost 150 kilometers per hour – a paratrooper was flown to the hospital by helicopter


The Swiss newspaper Blick reported that Kryenbühl could “surprisingly well” after the accident.

Swiss alpine skier Urs Kryenbühl was seriously injured on Friday at the World Cup downhill race in Kitzbühel, Austria.

Kryenbühl, 26, lost control of his bill right at the end of the track. According to TV images, Kryenbühl was at a speed of 146.7 kilometers per hour at the time.

The Swiss’s over 70-meter air flight after the last jump ended fatally and the Swiss skier recklessly spun across the finish line. It is the goal jumper that has been the subject of discussion in Kitzbühel for days.

“The skiers come from it quite high, and if you make even the slightest mistake and get too much air under the skis, the air flight will feel a bit of a hill jump and the descent is steep,” says Swedish broadcaster SVT expert and ex-alpine skier Tobias Hellman said According to Aftonbladet.

Kryenbühl, who was stationary in the finish area, was flown by helicopter to St. Johann’s Hospital after first aid.

Urs Kryenbühl was seriously injured in the Kitzbühel plunge race.­

After first aid, Urs Kryenbühl was flown by helicopter to the hospital.­

Newspaper Blick news on his website that the skier is doing “surprisingly well” after the accident – he had identified his coach, remembered his starting number and probably avoided severe fractures.

Tobias Hellman said he heard that Kryenbühl had had a concussion.

Kryenbühl dropped to No. 17 in the race Ryan Cochran-Sieglen the race also ended in a bad run.

Cochran-Siegle, which flew from the track through safety nets, was also transported from the slope by helicopter. He can his country according to the Ski and Snowboard Association very.

Kisan the Swiss rushed to victory Beat Feuz, who defeated Matthias Mayer of Austria in just 16 hundredths of a second. Italian Dominik Paris was third.

“I am very happy”, the Kitzbühel downhill for four consecutive second place in the pipe decided Feuz said the AFP news agency: According to the.

“Everyone who made it to the podium fell really well.”

Urs Kryenbühl, who slid recklessly over the finish line, also got time for himself. He was almost three and a half seconds behind Feuz and was 25th.

The race had to be suspended due to a strong wind, which delayed the race performance between as many as 25 counters.

The best of the Kitzbühel plunge race reached the podium, although the race was suspended due to strong winds. Switzerland’s Beat Feuz (center) fell to victory ahead of Austria’s Matthias Mayer (left) and Italy’s Dominik Paris.­


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