Alpine skiing The young promiser Rosa Pohjolainen, 17, dropped out at the Levi World Cup

At the beginning of the first round, Pohjolainen even led in the intervals.

Young alpine skier Rosa Pohjolainen, 17, scored almost sensationally in the first fall of the Levi Slalom World Cup.

The Nordic remained in Slovakia Petra Vlhovan and Switzerland Michelle Gisinin only 1.03 seconds of the top time and finished 14th.

Vlhova and Gisin shared the lead time of 54.32 and Pohjolainen bravely set out to challenge the world’s tops. In the first interval, Pohjolainen seemed to have left like a rocket. He led the race by 0.19 seconds until the momentum for the others leveled off.

The Nordic landed off the track on Saturday when the Intermediate promised a good placement, but now he succeeded.

Riikka Honkanen finished 36th and thus did not survive the second round.


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