Alpine skiing Rosa Pohjolainen, 17, was close to a giant surprise in Levi’s mc slalom – made Kalle Palander rejoice

Petra Vlhová of Slovakia defeated and defeated Mikaela Shiffrin of the United States, who had just returned from a long break.

Finland the youngest skier on the women’s alpine skiing national team, 17 years old Rosa Pohjolainen was close to a giant surprise on Saturday at the World Cup slalom in Levi.

The Intervals of the opening descent said that Pohjolainen, who started at number 63, was going for the second round, but he lost control of his descent and drove off the track only a few gates before the goal.

At the last break point, Pohjolainen, representing the Hyvinkää Slalom Club Sukkula, was 1.61 seconds from the top. If he had come to the finish line, for example, 1.8 seconds from the top, the ranking would have been around 20.

Mightily followed the race as an expert Kalle Palander outright rejoiced at Pohjolainen’s performance, especially at the gentle top of the track, where this was almost at the top of the pace.

According to Palander, Pohjolainen presented the best counting of Finnish women for a long time.

“The top went really well, but in the final needle, when the legs are already starting to get so tired, there was an annoying mistake. But whatever you do, mistakes happen, ”Pohjolainen said in a press release from Ski Sport Finland.

The Nordic wanted to calculate with risk.

“I’d rather go out than make sure. We don’t go to check in these hackers, ”Pohjolainen said.

This was not the first time the North had flashed his talents. Last winter, he placed second in the Grand Slam in the Youth Winter Olympics in Switzerland.

Levin the competition was won by Slovakia Petra Vlhová, which beat by 0.18 seconds returned from a ten-month competition break species of superstar, American Mikaela Shiffrinin.

Last season, Vlhová won the slalom at the World Cup after Shiffrin left the season due to the death of her father.

This was already the third consecutive mc slalom in which 25-year-old Vlhová defeated Shiffrin of the same age. In the grand slalom that started this season in Sölden, Vlhová finished third.

“It’s important to me to have such a good start to the sledding season. That is why the first race is important. I managed, I’m really happy with what I did today. It wasn’t easy because Mikaela is a very good slalom, ”Vlhová said in a statement.

With Shiffrin there were feelings on the surface at the press conference.

“It’s hard to think that I’m back here and compete, and on the podium. I didn’t want to go back and disappoint. When you go through a big tragedy in your life, then certain parts of your life may be better. Life priorities change. I’m really pleased with second place, it was the best today, what I could, “Shiffrin said.

None of the Finns survived the second round. Riikka Honkanen was 43, Julia Toiviainen 50s and Kia-Emilia Hakala 52: s.

A second slalom will be run on Levi on Sunday.

The winner Petra Vlhova received the reindeer as a prize, as in 2017, when she also won at Levi.­


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