Alpine skiing Oskari Sulkakoski, 21, opened in the Alpine Skiing World Cup

France’s Clément Noël fell to an overwhelming victory.

12.12. 18:29

The first times participated in the Alpine Skiing World Cup Oskari Sulkakoski reached 45th in the Val d’Isere slalom in the opening round. He was eliminated from the second round of descent.

Sulkakoski missed France, which was the fastest in the opening round Clément Noëlista 4.33 seconds. Noël clearly won the competition, coming in second to Sweden Kristoffer Jakobsen lost to him in total times of 1.40 seconds. Croatian Filip Zubčić was third. Noël’s total time was 1.30.52.

“My calculation has evolved. I haven’t found a secret recipe, but it went great anyway, ”Noël told AFP.

Sulkakoski is a 21-year-old representative of the Lahti Ski Association, who has been quite successful in the lower level FIS competitions, but the World Cup went too hard for him.

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