Alcohol Koskenkorva and Jaloviina are getting a new home: Authority approves the birth of a Nordic liquor giant

On Monday, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority approved the merger of Altia and Arcus.

Altian and the emergence of the Nordic alcohol giant formed by Arcus seems more likely. The merger of Altia, which manufactures Koskenkorva and Jaloviina, among others, and Arcus, a Norwegian company, has been approved by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV).

Altia announced on Monday that KKV approved on the condition that Altia’s aquavit brand Skåne Akvavit be sold before the merger. At the same time, the Arcus distribution agreement for the Metsmaasikas liqueur brand will be terminated.

The merger of Altia and Arcus was conditionally approved by the Swedish Competition Authority in mid-April. The merger is expected to be approved by the Norwegian Competition Authority (NCA) by 20 May.

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