Airplanes Finland had to postpone the introduction of common EU drone rules due to technical problems – required aircraft register to be introduced next week

The new EU rules, which came into force at the beginning of January, require all those who fly drones, ie aircraft, to register, become familiar with flying equipment and, as a general rule, also take an online test.

Transport- and FICORA Traficom is in the process of introducing a so-called drone register next week.

No formal decision has been made, but the goal is for the new registry application to open at the beginning of the week.

“If asked to predict, I would venture to say that fresh new news is expected early next week,” says the team leader Patrik Söderström Traficomista.

“The situation is good, positive.”

At the turn of the year The new EU rules that have come into force require all drone pilots to register, become familiar with flying equipment and, as a general rule, take an online test.

Initially, it should have been possible to register and complete the test as early as the end of last year, but Traficom had not yet completed its drone register.

Traficom informed on the afternoon of the last day of December that it postpones the introduction of the register and that airplanes may be flown under the old rules until the end of January.

“We made an exception that you can fly in Finland without registering or passing an exam, as long as you are familiar with the material and otherwise follow the requirements of the regulation,” says Söderström.

It, that Traficom failed to provide information last time caused confusion and irritation among pilots. What was the question?

“It was because we could not guarantee the technical reliability of the registry system. On the morning of the very last day, the last tests were done to see if it could be opened. ”

However, according to Mr Söderström, the technical reliability of the register system was not such that it could have been opened to the public.

“We took a month’s respite from that.”

The registry system is the work of Traficom and its own development team.

Traficomin The opening of the register will end the rather liberal period of flying unmanned aircraft in Finland.

The new EU regulation will harmonize the regulations of different European countries and at the same time increase regulation significantly. Traficom has collected information on the new regulation To the website.

Tightening regulation brings with it a dimmer of regulation that has been difficult to communicate to pilots. The amendment involves transition periods for various pilots and equipment.

The operation of unmanned aircraft will also be classified into different categories and subcategories based on a risk assessment related to their use.

In practice, flying is perhaps most affected by the fact that the maximum flight altitude of the equipment most commonly used by enthusiasts falls from 150 meters to 120 meters.

New according to the rules, the person responsible for flying an unmanned aircraft, ie the drone operator, must register in the register of drone operators. Previously, the corresponding notification obligation only applied to professionals.

The obligation to register applies to all airplanes equipped with cameras. Excluded are only devices that weigh less than 250 grams or are defined as toys.

The actual remote pilot of an unmanned aircraft will be required to familiarize himself with flying and perform a network test.

The drone operator responsible for the flight and the actual remote pilot, i.e. the drone pilot, may be the same person, but they may also be different persons.

For example, in a family, the operator may be a parent and the child may act as a remote controller.

In practice, in most cases, the owner of the aircraft registers online as an operator and at the same time registers for the online test. After passing the test, he can start flying.

Self-study material for the theory test can be found From’s website.

What kind service on Traficom’s website is expected next week?

“It is expected from the service that a person or company can register as an operator, ie a user of an unmanned aircraft system,” says Söderström.

“Then there you can register for the online theory test of the remote controller when you register, which is free of charge when you register. A strongly identified operator will also be able to inform other remote controllers for the theory test. ”

This means, for example, that parents can enroll their children over the age of 12 in the exam, who can act as remote controllers.


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