Air transport The number of passengers at Finnish airports in January was still only a fraction of normal

Since March last year, Finnish airports have been quiet in passenger traffic.

Finland only a fraction of normal-time passengers passed through airports in January.

The number of passengers decreased by 91 per cent from January 2020, according to a recent publication by Statistics Finland. There were a total of just over 179,000 passengers passing through Finnish airports.

Half of the passengers flew on foreign flights and half on domestic flights.

The number of passengers at Finnish airports fell sharply in mid-March last year, when several interest rate restrictions came into force. Since then, the number of passengers has been very small compared to before.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport accounted for 74 per cent of the total number of passengers at domestic airports, while the number of passengers at that airport decreased by 92 per cent. The total number of passengers at other domestic airports decreased by 88 percent compared to January 2020.

Air transport the volume of freight and mail transport fell by 38 per cent year-on-year in January. Almost all cargo and mail transport passed through Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. 99 per cent of the transports were carried in traffic between Finland and abroad.


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