Air transport The Guardian: One percent of the world’s people cause half of air emissions

According to researchers, the life choices of frequently flying “super-emitters” have a major impact on climate change, affecting everyone’s lives.

Only one-hundredth of the world’s people produce half of all aviation emissions, the British newspaper says The Guardian with reference to a recent study.

Global Environment Change According to a study published in the journal, these high-flying “super emitters” represent only one percent of the world’s population, yet they produced about half of the CO2 emissions from aviation in 2018.

Air travel is rare by the size of the world’s population. In the second year, only 11 percent of people flew by plane and four percent of people flew abroad. According to researchers, the lifestyle of this “elite group” has a major impact on climate change, which in turn affects everyone’s lives.

Air passengers from rich countries have the largest carbon footprint, followed by the United States. Its aviation emissions are higher than the combined aviation emissions of the next ten most emitting countries.

Researchers according to the corona virus pandemic, the drop in air passenger numbers should be exploited by shifting the aviation sector towards a more sustainable direction. On the other hand, there is also a lot of responsibility for flying itself.

“If we want to find a solution to climate change and we need to redesign the aviation industry, we should start from the top, where a few‘ super emitters ’make a significant contribution to global warming,” research project leader Stefan Gössling from Linné University in Sweden tells The Guardian.

The study considered frequent flyers to be flying approximately 56,000 kilometers per year. This roughly corresponds to about three round-trip flights from Finland to the Far East during the year.


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