Air transport The government is proposing EUR 350 million in support for Finavia, which has been devastated by the air traffic crisis

The proposal is included in the supplement to next year’s draft budget, which was approved today by the Government.

Government proposes that Finavia, which operates Finnish airports, be given EUR 350 million to strengthen its financial position, which has been weakened by the interest rate crisis. The proposal is included in the supplement to next year’s draft budget, which was approved today by the Government.

The estimated state tax revenue is calculated at EUR 316 million, as income and capital gains tax revenues appear to be declining on the basis of preliminary data.

The supplementary proposal increases the government’s net borrowing by EUR 946 million. In total, government net borrowing is estimated at EUR 11.7 billion next year. Government debt is estimated to be around EUR 138 billion at the end of 2021.

In addition to Finavia, air traffic will be assisted by adding EUR 11.5 million to support for regional air connections. The working group that investigated the regional air connections previously suggested that the state would buy air traffic to Kokkola, Joensuu, Kajaani, Jyväskylä and Kemi airports until the end of 2021.

Koronan As a result, temporary changes to unemployment security legislation are also proposed to be extended in some respects until the end of March next year. An increase of a total of EUR 56 million is planned to increase the unemployment insurance right of entrepreneurs and the protection part of unemployment insurance.

It is proposed to increase Kela’s compensation for corona tests performed in private healthcare. This would be funded by a transfer of 45 million from the Korona grant for public social and health care.

The supplementary proposal also includes a number of smaller allocations for various branches of government, including decongesting the courts and supporting and coordinating the government’s strategic communications, as well as the renewal of the police interception system.

A reduction of EUR 5.7 million is proposed for immigration costs of immigration, as there have been fewer asylum seekers during the coronary pandemic.

Government program EUR 356 million will be directed to the recorded future investments in the supplementary proposal. Next year, € 40 million is set to be spent on strengthening lifelong learning and € 80 million on hiring VET teachers, mentors and support staff.

Minister of Education Li Andersson (left) and the Minister of Science and Culture Annika Saarikko (middle) praised the performance as important.

“Good vocational training is key to strengthening Finland’s employment and skills in a sustainable way. Quality education, on the other hand, is only successful when there are enough teachers and they have the opportunity to focus on their work and their students, ”Andersson said in a press release.

According to Saarikko, in the midst of the corona pandemic, investments in civilization and a future perspective are needed.

50 million is proposed for development cooperation and 25.5 million for nature conservation funding. Walking and cycling will be promoted by EUR 25 million and an increase of EUR 40 million is proposed for regional development.


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