Air transport Ryanair plans to fly to Lappeenranta from several countries in the summer

The low-cost airline plans to return its flight route to Lappeenranta and also open a new route between Lappeenranta and southern Germany in July.

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Irish low-cost airline Ryanair plans to start its flight to Lappeenranta in the summer. The company has returned all planned flights to Lappeenranta for sale, Lappeenranta Airport says in a press release.

Flights from Vienna and Bergamo to Italy are scheduled to start gradually towards the summer, and flights to Budapest and Berlin from November.

Ryanair also plans to open a new route between Lappeenranta and southern Germany in July. The route will be flown from Memmingen Airport, located 110 kilometers southwest of Munich.

The Irish company plans to fly flights invented once a week all year round.

CEO of Lappeenranta Airport Eija Joron According to current information, the number of available airports this year will be around 70,000.

“The corona situation is serious and challenging in every way, but there is faith in the future. The number of seats available annually with this traffic program is almost 200,000 seats in a normal situation, ”Joro says in a press release.

About the corona pandemic Affected Ryanair has said in recent days that it will open flights for sale from Britain to resorts in southern Europe, among others. The company believes that the acceleration of the rate of coronary vaccination in Europe will allow travel restrictions to be relaxed for the summer.

“As vaccination programs accelerate, high-risk groups and the elderly will be vaccinated by early summer, which we believe will ease travel restrictions and increase demand for flights to the beaches of Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal,” says Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer. Dara Brady in the bulletin.

The company attracts customers by promising the opportunity to reschedule or change a booked flight twice without a change fee. The possibility applies to flights until October.

In February, Ryanair estimates that its current financial year will be the most difficult in its 35-year history. The company’s financial year ends at the end of March. The company estimates that it will make a net loss of EUR 850–950 million for the financial year, although the visibility for the current quarter is weak due to the corona situation.

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