Air transport | Norwegian pilots are ready to drive SAS into bankruptcy with their strike

SAS pilots are threatening to go on strike this weekend. A strike would be disastrous for the company.

Norwegian pilots are ready to drive the airline SAS into bankruptcy, says the Norwegian media VG.

“We have our backs against the wall and we have no other options now,” says the director of the Norwegian SAS pilots’ association Roger Klokset.

SAS is currently negotiating working conditions with its pilots. If an agreement is not reached by Friday at the latest, the risk is that almost 900 SAS pilots will go on strike. Of these, 400 are Norwegians.

According to SAS, the strike could be financially devastating for it.

If the strike will take place, weekend flights will have to be cancelled. Has been evaluatedthat the strike would affect about 250 flights and 45,000 passengers.

Thursday SAS announced on its websitethat the pilots’ strike will start on Saturday at the earliest.

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SAS the CEO is Anko van der Werff has said that a pilot strike would be “absolutely devastating for the SAS”.

Despite this, according to Kloxet, the pilots are ready to go on strike if necessary.

with SAS there have been financial difficulties, and the Norwegian state took support measures. It will again become the owner of the airline. Sweden and Denmark own 22 percent of the company.

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