Afghanistan Why did Finland decide to evacuate the embassy guards anyway? As early as Monday, Foreign Minister Haavisto said that Finland was not expanding the list of evacuees

Administrative Adviser Eero Koskenniemi cannot say with certainty whether there will be even more decisions on evacuations.

The place The information received from Afghanistan changed Finland’s assessment of the safety of the employees of the company that provided security services to the Embassy in Kabul.

This is justified by the Government Counselor of the Ministry of the Interior Eero Koskenniemi why Finland decided to evacuate Afghanistan as a new group of employees of a security company that provided services to the embassy and its families. The group size is a maximum of 83 people in total.

“When we thought about the security situation at an earlier stage, there was no same perception that the people employed by the mission would be exposed to such a concrete threat,” says Koskenniemi.

Finland has made two previous evacuation decisions, and on Tuesday the government decided that Finland would still evacuate security guards from Afghanistan.

Back on Monday, Haavisto said that Finland was not expanding the list of evacuees to them.

“We have not considered it possible in this situation to extend it to, for example, the delegation’s subcontractors or subcontractors of subcontractors who are in several different sectors there,” Haavisto said on Monday.

Tuesday’s decision concerns the close protection groups of the security company’s personnel, who were responsible for the security of the Embassy of Finland. The decision applies to team leaders, operation managers, administrative managers, drivers and security guards and their families who have served in the groups and have applied for entry from Finland.

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Touchpad In the past, there were some assessments that employees in a security company were at risk, but since then it has become clear that they are at clear risk.

“These people are prominent people employed by the mission. They have performed with the staff of the mission and they drive, for example, in a car with Finland symbols. They are concretely Finland’s representatives, ”says Koskenniemi.

In the past, it has become clear that the Taliban is targeting various actions, especially those that have clearly been employed by foreigners.

The government also decided on Tuesday to expand evacuations from Afghanistan. A total of almost 300 people are being assisted in Finland. Decisions on evacuations are made politically. Koskenniemi cannot say with certainty whether there will be more decisions on evacuations. According to him, it is not excluded.

With evacuations is fast. The President of the United States Joe Biden according to the United States, it plans to stick to the plan to get its troops withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of August, that is, by next Tuesday.

Some U.S. allies, on the other hand, want an extension that the Taliban says is not coming from an extremist organization.

The public has not been told when Finland should have the evacuations completed if there is no extension. According to Koskenniemi, it is a matter of a few days.

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