Afghanistan This is the end of the longest war in the United States: Major General Chris Donahue was the last to leave Afghanistan

Even the last US troops left Afghanistan in late Finnish time on Monday.

Major general Chris Donahue left Afghanistan as the last representative of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Even the last US troops left Afghanistan late in Finnish time on Monday, and the longest war in the country’s history ended. President Joe Biden declared the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan ended after 20 years.

After the troops withdrew, the U.S. media declared the longest war in the country’s history over.

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The U.S. Department of Defense tweeted Finnish time on a night between Monday and Tuesday with a picture of Donahue walking towards a C-17 military transport plane to leave Kabul.

Donahue serves as commander of the Air Force.

On Monday, Commander of the Command Centcom, General Kenneth McKenzie said, among others, the American news channel according to CNNthat Donahue and the ambassador Ross Wilson were the last U.S. officials to board the U.S. plane from Afghanistan.



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