Afghanistan The young general is also leading the fight against the Taliban on social media: “I know we will win”

The young general has led troops in the city of Lashkar Gah to stronger resistance than many other cities. He was promoted to head of the Afghan Special Forces.

In Afghanistan the Taliban has been aggressively conquered by the extremist Islamist organization. In the last week, for example, nine provincial capitals have been conquered at a close pace.

Among the progress, the Taliban has been actively uploading images of surrendering regime soldiers and their own fighters alongside the locals. In many cities, Afghan troops have been reported to have retreated and surrendered without fighting.

In Lashkar Gah, however, fighting against the Taliban continues. In the city, troops lead Sami Sadat, 36, which seeks to utilize social media as a marketing channel for the fight against the extremist Islamist organization.

The Sadat and the war in Afghanistan are reported by, among others, the news agency AFP and The Guardian.

Sadat update on the victories of Afghan troops and sometimes also on killed Taliban leaders – declaring how the country is better than this terrorist too.

In addition, there are plenty of images of Sadat with soldiers in his 20,000-strong force as well as civilians such as local merchants and youth.

On Wednesday, the Afghan defense ministry said on Twitter that Sadat had been promoted to special forces leader, which garnered a wealth of commendable reactions.

Otherwise as might be inferred from the profit-emphasizing somek channels, the situation in Lashkar Gahi also seems difficult for the regime’s forces. Areas surrounding the provincial capital have been reportedly held by the Taliban, and on Thursday morning the organization was reported to have taken over the Lashkar Gah police station.

However, Hundred, who commented on the city to AFP by phone, was still optimistic on Wednesday.

“Any Taliban coming to Lashkar Gah will die or leave with lifelong injuries,” Sadat told AFP.

Sadat claims its troops have gone from house to house in neighborhoods the Taliban had infiltrated to secure civilians.

“We continue to find civilians – especially the elderly and trapped women – who we take to safer places.”

The UN has expressed concern about threats to civilians, including air strikes on suspected Taliban positions. An Afghan parliamentarian interviewed by The Guardian Nasima Niazithat Lashkar Gah civilians have already been wounded in airstrikes.

“The Taliban used civilian homes to protect themselves, and the regime, without paying any attention to the civilians, carried out air strikes,” Niazi tells The Guardian.

The battle in Lashkar Gah has been going on for weeks. The airstrikes are believed to have been made, at least in part, by U.S. air forces, but The Guardian is uncertain about their potential casualties.

Sami Sadat, General and Commander of the Special Forces of the Afghan Government, showed the map at a military base in Helmand province.

The Taliban despite progress, Sadat said in an AFP interview he trusted Afghan forces.

“I know we will win. I know this is our country, that the Taliban is failing, that they will fail sooner or later, ”Sadat tells AFP.

According to Sadat’s colleagues, the bravely speaking general has sides that don’t show up.

“He has a very strategic vision and a very deep analysis of what is going on,” General AFP, who worked with Sadat in his previous job at the Afghan Intelligence Agency, says.



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