Afghanistan The United States obliges commercial airlines to assist in the evacuations of Afghanistan

The mission of civilian aircraft is to help transport evacuees who are stuck at air bases in the Middle East and Germany.

The United States the administration has decided to oblige commercial scheduled airlines to assist in the evacuations of Afghanistan. According to the news agency Reuters.

Civil aircraft do not fly as far as Afghanistan. Their job is to help transport evacuees who are stuck at air bases in the Middle East and Germany.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said military cargo planes used to fly evacuated people out of Afghanistan are used to transport people to U.S. bases in Europe or the Middle East, but not to flights across the ocean.

The purpose of the civilian planes is to alleviate the congestion of these bases, and to take evacuated people to several bases in the United States. According to the WSJ, the country’s Ministry of Defense has also considered the use of the country’s bases in Japan, Korea, Germany, Kosovo, Bahrain and Italy.

By Saturday, the United States had evacuated a total of 17,000 people from Afghanistan, according to AFP. Of this crowd, 2,500 were Americans.

According to the news agency, the U.S. administration wants to export as many as 15,000 Americans and at least 50,000 Afghans and their families.

President Joe Biden the administration’s decision is based on the Civil Reserve Airfleet (CRAF) system, in which commercial airlines pledge to lend their equipment to the country’s military if the military crisis so requires.

The system was created in the 1950s after the siege of Berlin, where Western Allied forces remained besieged in West Berlin by the Soviet Union. It has been used twice in the past, first in the early 1990s during the Gulf War and later during the Iraq War in 2002-2003.

So far, 18 aircraft have been activated for evacuation work, according to a U.S. Department of Defense release.

About airlines American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Air Lines and Omni Air will each send three aircraft to assist in the evacuation work. Two aircraft have been requested from Hawaiian Airlines and four from United Airlines.

According to the Department of Defense, the use of these civilian aircraft for evacuations is not expected to have a major impact on commercial flights.

WSJ was the first to report on Saturday that the Biden administration is planning to harness civilian planes to transport evacuees.

According to it, the decision now confirmed means the implementation of the first phase of the CRAF system. According to the WSJ, the implementation of the second phase of the system would mean the commissioning of up to 100 commercial machines. According to the magazine, this could have a significant impact on the aviation industry.

The U.S. administration warned the airline of a possible activation of the CRAF system as early as Friday night.

According to the WSJ, for example, United Airlines had already begun on Saturday to prepare its flight crew for a job offer for evacuation flights. According to the union, these flights are typically paid better than usual.

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