Afghanistan The Taliban banned the showing on television of series featuring female actors

The guidelines are created by the Taliban government’s “Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Combating Evil”.

Afghanistan the ruling extremist Islamist Taliban has given new guidance to the country’s television channels. It states that drama series or soap operas featuring female actors may no longer be shown on the channels.

The guidelines are created by the Taliban government’s “Ministry of Promoting Virtue and Combating Evil”. According to it, female TV journalists must also wear hijab clothing in front of the cameras. In addition, the channels should not show films or programs that show the Prophet Muhammad or other respected figures, or that are generally considered to be contrary to the values ​​of Islam or Afghanistan.

Representative of the Ministry Hakif Mohajir told AFP that it was not a matter of rules but of a “religious policy”.

When The Taliban last ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, with no TV channels or just any other media. Watching television was banned under threat of punishment. There was only one radio station in the country that broadcast Islamic programs and propaganda.

After the fall of the Taliban regime in the West in 2001, independent television channels and radio stations began to emerge rapidly. For 20 years, Afghan TV channels have shown a wide range of programs, from singing competitions to music videos and Turkish and Indian soap operas.

This the Taliban movement, which re-emerged in August, has said it has become much more moderate. From the outset, it promised that girls ’schooling and women’s employment would continue and that the organization would not restrict the media.

Despite promises has been reported in recent months, how, for example, women can only attend university in private universities and only in classrooms where there are only women. Afghan journalists have also been beaten and persecuted.

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