Afghanistan The Taliban attack continues in Afghanistan, with extremism approaching three major cities

Rocket attacks were made at an important Kandahar airport and flights were canceled.

In Afghanistan has been fighting over the weekend in the vicinity of three major cities as the extremist Islamist organization Taliban seeks to infiltrate the cities of Herat, Lashkar Gah and Kandahar.

In addition, there have been rocket attacks on Kandahar Airport on the night between Saturday and Sunday.

The battles and rocket attacks were reported by news agencies AFP and Reuters as well BBC and The Guardian.

Down south According to the BBC, the fate of the cities of Kandahar and Lashkar Gah in the west and Herat in the west may be relevant to the country’s worsening humanitarian crisis and the length of time the Afghan armed forces will be able to resist the Taliban.

The Taliban has already taken over large areas of the countryside, the capitals of various provinces, important border stations, and the ring road.

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Kandahar Airport, Afghanistan’s second largest city, is also relevant. It serves as an important logistical hub for the military and a base for air strikes, which has helped protect Kandahar as well as much of southern Afghanistan.

On Sunday airport manager Massoud Pashtun said three rockets hit its territory.

“Last night, three rockets were fired at the airport and two of them hit the runway. As a result, all flights from the airport have been canceled, ”Pashtun told AFP.

In addition to runway damage, no major damage or injury was reported.

The Taliban said they hit the airport due to airstrikes by Afghan forces.

“We targeted Kandahar Airport because the enemy used it as a hub for air strikes against us,” a Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told Reuters.

At the same time at the time of the rocket attack, the Taliban got closer to capturing Kandahar and two other regional capitals, Lashkar Gah and Herat.

According to the BBC, the city of Kandahar is already in significant danger of falling under Taliban rule. Tens of thousands are said to be fleeing. The organization is said to be approaching the city from several directions. It is difficult for government forces to use heavy weapons if the Taliban gets to take over the city.

With continued U.S. support, Afghan security forces have increasingly relied on air strikes to get extremist Islamists to retreat from the cities. However, there is a risk of hitting civilians.

“The city is in the worst condition. I don’t know what will happen. The Taliban will not give mercy and the government will not stop bombing, ”a resident of Lashkar Gah Halim Karimi said according to AFP.

Security forces monitored the UN unit in the city of Herat in Afghanistan on Saturday.

In the west In the economically important city of Herat, fighting on the outskirts of the city also continued with air strikes on Taliban stations.

According to the BBC, battles have been reported in at least five different places in the city. The Taliban is said to have struck a UN unit that killed one of the guards. The Guardian says the city is virtually besieged by the organization, as border crossings to Iran and Turkmenistan were already in the possession of the Taliban and Herat airport was closed due to close fighting.

Spokesman for the Herat Regional Government Jailani Farhad said about 100 Taliban fighters have been killed in the attacks, according to AFP.

However, according to the news agency, the figure cannot be relied on, as both the Taliban and Afghan regimes often exaggerate the numbers of victims and it is difficult to verify the right amounts independently.



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