Afghanistan The Taliban announced that women’s rights are being implemented “in accordance with Sharia law”, in the past an extremist organization excluded women from society

The position of women in Afghanistan in particular has raised serious international concerns since the Taliban took over the country.

In Afghanistan The Taliban extremist organization says women’s rights are realized in the country under Islamic Sharia law. The extremist organization held its first media event on Tuesday after the conquest of the country, says the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Taliban representative Zabihullah of the Mujahideen according to the movement assures the international community that no one will be harmed. However, the Mujahid stressed that the movement has the right to act in accordance with its religious principles.

“Women will be very active in our society, within our own framework,” Mujahid said, but did not give details about the role of women when asked.

The position of women in Afghanistan in particular has raised serious international concerns since the Taliban took over the country. Also the promises of the Taliban have raised local suspicions.

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From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban ruled most of Afghanistan with great grip. Organization became known at that time arbitrary sentences, the complete exclusion of women from society and severe punishments, including public hangovers.

Sharia is a system of Islamic law based on both the Qur’an and the interpretations of theologians. It forms a code of conduct related to everyday life and also, for example, family law. Sharia is also known for some of his harsh punishments.

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Previously on Tuesday, the Taliban declared a general amnesty for workers in the country’s administration. The opinion also called on government officials to return to their jobs.

In his media conference, a Taliban representative reiterated the message that “everything is forgiven”. For example, interrogations are not held, according to the Mujahideen.

However, according to the organization, it does not want people to leave the country. Several sources have said that foreign nationals, but not Afghans, will be admitted to the capital’s Kabul airport.

Kabul was quiet and peaceful on Tuesday, Afghan news channel Tolo News reported. According to the channel, the Taliban have set up checkpoints in the city and amassed weapons from the civilian population.

The Islamist Taliban quickly took control of Afghanistan after the United States began withdrawing its troops from the country.

The Taliban say it is in talks to form a regime. Mullah, the political leader of the movement Abdul Ghani Baradarin has reportedly arrived from Qatar to Afghanistan.

Female journalist when asked at the press conference whether women journalists will cover their heads with a hijab in the future, she was told that the future government will tell you more about such details.

Taliban representatives stressed that their values ​​would remain the same, but they want Afghanistan’s young population to be active. Men and women from the young population were not identified here.

When The Taliban last ruled Afghanistan, ordering women to wear a burqa that completely covered their face and body. In addition, girls were prevented from receiving education and women from going to work or traveling, according to the news agency AFP.

Now the burqa may not come, estimates the British Sky News based on the channel story. A representative of the Taliban political office had commented on the Burka issue to the channel Suhail Shaheen, according to which the burqa “is not the only hijab (hair and scarf covering the neck)” that may come into play.

“These are not our rules, they are Islamic rules,” said Shaheen, saying that dress codes are about women’s own safety.

According to Shaheen, it would continue to be possible for women to go to school and study.

The Taliban’s political office is based in Doha, Qatar.



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