Afghanistan The 19-year-old football promise for the national team fell to death from a plane leaving Kabul: “He had no hope”

The son of a low-income family, Zaki Anwari, hung from a U.S. Air Force transport plane as it took off from Kabul Airport. Kamia Yousufi, who competed in the Tokyo Olympics, managed to escape to Iran.

Afghanistan 19-year-old played on the youth national football team Zaki Anwari is one of the Afghans who died Monday in Kabul.

Anwari hung on a U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft as it took off from Kabul Airport, a British broadcaster BBC said Thursday night.

Head of Media Relations at the Afghan Olympic Committee Aref Peyman confirmed Anwar’s death by telephone To The New York Times.

Peyman said Anwar was the son of a low-income Kabul family who went to school and worked hard for his football dream.

“He was kind and patient, but like many other young people, he saw the arrival of the Taliban as the end of his dreams and sporting opportunities,” Peyman said.

“He had no hope. He wanted a better life. ”

In addition, The New York Times reported that it represented Afghanistan at the Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo Olympics Kamia Yousufin successfully fled to Iran.

Sprinter Yousufi, 25, carried the Afghan flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Aref Peyman confirmed the getaway to the US newspaper.

Sprinter Kamia Yousufi (left) and taekwondo Farzad Mansouri carried the Afghan flag at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. Yousufi has since fled his homeland to Iran.

Anwari sought refuge from Kabul to the extreme with a plane full of people. A total of 640 Afghans traveled in its cargo hold. The plane landed in Qatar.

According to the BBC, local media have reported that at least two people hanging on the sides of the plane and landing gear fell to their deaths as the plane took off.

In addition, the U.S. Air Force has confirmed that remnants of the human body were found on the plane’s landing gear in Qatar.

FIFPro, the international umbrella organization for football players’ associations, passed On their Twitter pages deep condolences to Anwar’s family, friends, and teammates.

According to the BBC, the Afghan Sports and Sports Agency also presented its participation with the same content on its Facebook page.



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