Afghanistan New Taliban policy: a woman can travel up to 45 miles, or about 72 kilometers, without a male escort

The Ministry of the Promotion of Good and the Fight against Evil also instructed that only women who wear hijab may be taken on board.

Afghanistan the ruling extremist Islamic Taliban announced on Sunday that a woman will not be allowed to travel up to 72 kilometers if she is not accompanied by a male close relative.

The guidelines were published by the Ministry of the Promotion of Virtues and the Fight against Evil, according to the news agency AFP.

“Women traveling more than 45 miles (72 kilometers) should not be offered a ride if they do not have a close relative with them,” a spokesman for the ministry said. Sadeq Akif Muhajir said to AFP.

Muhajir clarified that a close relative must be male.

For vehicles nor does the Taliban order allow women who do not wear the hijab, or Islamic scarf, to be admitted. The latest guidelines were published on social media.

The Taliban have announced numerous austerity measures on women’s lives since it returned to rule Afghanistan in August.

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A few weeks ago, the Taliban announced that television channels will not be allowed to show drama or soap sets if female actors are involved. Women journalists, in turn, have been ordered to wear hijab.

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