Afghanistan Finnish soldiers sent to Kabul face “particularly demanding situation” – Report says evacuation operation is in a hurry

“Developments are unpredictable and may become more difficult, which may require the use of military force,” the report said.

Finland the evacuation operation in Afghanistan is in a hurry, according to a report from the government to parliament.

“Currently, the Taliban is not blocking people’s access [Kabulin lento]to the field. However, there is a high risk that this situation will not continue, ”the report states.

In addition, it says it is uncertain how long the United States will secure Kabul Airport, which is used by evacuation flights. It may be less than a week.

“Due to these circumstances, the Finnish evacuation operation should be completed as soon as possible.”

State Department and the Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that Finnish soldiers will be sent to Afghanistan to secure an evacuation operation. This is a historic decision that Parliament will meet to discuss today, Friday.

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The aim is to evacuate about 170 Finns or those who have worked for Finland from Afghanistan, which has been occupied by the extremist organization Taliban. So far, it has been possible to evacuate about 30 Finns or those living permanently in Finland.

The situation is described in the report as particularly demanding.

According to the report, the deployment of Finnish troops to Afghanistan is based on the law on granting and requesting international assistance.

“These are also requests from the European External Action Service and NATO to Finland to assist its delegations in Kabul and ECHO. [EU:n humanitaarinen operaatio] in the case of a request from the EU and an international organization in accordance with the wording of the law, ”the report says.

Permission to send troops cannot be sought from the Afghan administration, as there is currently no functioning administration there, the report says.

Help can be according to the report, be considered “foreign and security policy significant” because soldiers operate outside the EU in a country whose security situation has significantly deteriorated.

“In addition, the mission would be carried out at Kabul Military Airport, which is currently largely the responsibility of the United States.”

It is possiblethat Finnish troops may have to use military force in the situation.

“Developments are unpredictable and may become more difficult, which may require the use of military force.”

A few dozen Finnish soldiers would be sent to Afghanistan. They would operate at and near Kabul Airport.

According to the report, the biggest challenge for evacuation is getting inside the field.

“If those to be helped enter the field, the difficulty will be to ensure that this is done in a controlled and safe manner, which will in all likelihood require military performance.”

Postable the soldiers would all be employees of the Defense Forces. Some of them have served in the Afghanistan crisis management operation.

The operation is estimated to last up to a month. It would be led by Finland all the time.

The cost in the report is estimated at a maximum of EUR 792,000.



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