Afghanistan | Almost 20 NGO employees arrested for “mission work”

At least 18 International Assistance Mission workers were arrested in Afghanistan.

At least 18 employees of the International Assistance Mission (IAM) NGO have been arrested in Afghanistan, the organization says on its website. According to the IAM three workers were arrested earlier and the remaining 15 on Wednesday.

The workers were picked up from their office in Lal wa Sarjangal in Ghor province and transported to the capital, Kabul.

IAM has been operating in Afghanistan for 57 years.

Afghanistan The Taliban administration accused the organization’s employees of missionary work, reports news agency AFP.

“The obtained documents and audio files prove that they invited people to join Christianity,” claimed a Taliban spokesman in the Ghor region Abdul Wahid Hamas Ghori. However, he did not provide any evidence for his claims.

According to Ghor, the security and intelligence service had been monitoring IAM’s activities for a long time. According to him, there are a total of 21 people arrested.

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According to IAM, it has not been informed of any suspicions against the employees or reasons for their detention.

One among those arrested is a woman from the United States.

The US State Department said on Saturday it was aware of reports that a US citizen had been detained in Afghanistan recently.

The ministry did not comment further on the issue, but reminded its citizens that the “risk of being kidnapped or becoming a victim of violence in Afghanistan is high” for US citizens, and US citizens should not travel to the country.

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