Afghanistan According to President Niinistö, preparations must be made for the United States to leave Kabul before the end of August: “It would be impossible for the Allies to continue”

Niinistö does not believe that the situation in Kabul will suddenly open up so that several dozen people can be evacuated in a day.

Finland and other US allies will face major challenges at Kabul airport in the event of the United States leaving the country, says the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö To STT.

According to the US announcement, there would only be time for its security operation until the end of August. According to Niinistö, preparations must be made for the United States to leave earlier.

“The U.S. is in large numbers taking care of the basic arrangement. It is quite clear that if the United States leaves, the situation would become impossible for the Allies to continue, ”Niinistö says.

Finland decided on Friday send a force of the Defense Forces to secure evacuations from Afghanistan. Finland is trying to evacuate a total of 240 people from Afghanistan. Evacuation operations have previously been sent to assist two Foreign Ministry officials.

On Wednesday, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs was aware of almost 70 Finnish citizens or residents with a residence permit in Finland who have requested evacuation assistance from Afghanistan.

In addition, Finland has promised security to 170 people who have been employees of the Finnish Embassy in Kabul, the EU Mission or the military alliance NATO, and their family members.

Niinistö does not go on to identify when the idea of ​​sending a set was first put forward. However, he welcomes the fact that progress has been made at a rapid pace.

“We have a decision by Parliament in less than a day from the time the initiative was made to Parliament. It is effective, ”says Niinistö.

Finland has also considered expanding the number of evacuees. Niinistö urges to note that it has been possible to evacuate people from Kabul quite drops, so at this stage we are still very far from the original ideas.

“I don’t think the situation will suddenly open up so that several dozen people a day can be evacuated. It’s extremely awkward, as seen here. ”

According to Niinistö, the risks to the group are difficult to assess because the situation is confusing. He estimates that there is a lot of unrest in the immediate vicinity of Kabul Airport, in addition to which the situation varies.



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