Advertising The police board bans Eurosport from gambling advertising under penalty of a fine

The ban applies to gambling advertising on the Eurosport 1 television channel. The amount of the penalty payment is 800,000 euros.

Police Board has banned Eurosport 1 from marketing gambling in mainland Finland under the threat of a fine of EUR 800,000.

The ban is valid for three months and was issued on 16 September.

According to the Police Board, the marketing of gambling has been regular and plentiful for several years.

Marketing has been implemented as advertisements during advertising breaks in TV broadcasts. In Finland, Veikkaus has the exclusive right to market gambling.

Channel According to the National Board of Police, advertising is aimed at mainland Finland and consumers residing in the country. In advertising, for example, the bank codes of Finnish banks have been presented as identification options.

In addition, the gambling advertisements in question have been made mainly in Finnish and have been shown during advertising breaks in television broadcasts directed to Finland.

In gambling advertising has also utilized a well-known person whose reputation is nationally limited to Finland. In addition, the advertisement refers to Peluuri in terms of responsible gaming, which prevents gambling harm in Finland.

Finnish legislation is issued by the Chief Inspector of Lottery Administration of the National Board of Police Anna-Emilia Sirénin opportunity for the company to rectify its activities and to be heard.

However, Eurosport has continued to market despite several bans.

Police Board In addition to Eurosport, it has targeted two other international broadcasters. One of them has stopped marketing gambling to Finland. On the other hand, control measures are still ongoing.

“The marketing of gambling is strictly regulated by the Lotteries Act in order to protect consumers from the harms of gambling. The cross-border marketing of gambling in violation of the Lotteries Act aims to increase gambling and adversely affect the realization of the goals of the Finnish gambling system, ”says Siren.

The decision of the Police Board is not yet final.


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