Administration Finns have high confidence in public institutions, but regional differences are significant

According to the OECD assessment, Helsinki and Uusimaa have a high level of trust in institutions. In eastern and northern Finland, confidence is weaker.

Finns trust in public institutions and governance is at a high level by international standards, but there are significant regional and social differences in trust, according to an evaluation by the OECD.

According to the survey, 66 per cent of Finns trust the state administration, 61 per cent the government, 53 per cent the parliament and 52 per cent the municipal administration.

Confidence in public institutions and administration is lower than average in rural, lower-educated and lower-income households.

In the regional comparison, trust in public institutions is highest in Helsinki and Uusimaa and weakest in Eastern and Northern Finland.

According to the OECD The possible exclusion of groups of the population that have less trust in public institutions should be combated in Finland by promoting wider social dialogue.

“If the trend towards differentiated trust deepens, it may weaken cohesion and Finland’s ability to cope with the challenges of an aging population, climate change, digitalisation and changes in work,” the Ministry of Finance writes in an OECD assessment report. in its bulletin.

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