Accidents Two children injured in a level crossing accident in Kaskinen and a bus driver still in the hospital

Police suspect that the bus driver did not stop in front of the stop sign at the level crossing. The matter is being investigated as a serious threat to traffic safety.

Two A child injured in a level crossing accident in Kaskinen on Tuesday is still in hospital care, says the director of the accident investigation John Forslund From the Ostrobothnian Police to BTI. The bus driver is also in the hospital.

In Kaskinen, a collision between a tracked work machine and a school bus occurred at a level crossing on Tuesday morning. The level crossing at the scene of the accident is unguarded.

On Wednesday, the Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) launched an actual investigation into the level crossing accident.

Police suspect, based on eyewitness findings, that the bus driver did not stop in front of the stop sign at the level crossing, and according to Forslund, this is also indicated by the technical investigation. Therefore, a serious threat to road safety is suspected.

In an accident injured seven children on board in addition to the driver. The children were from Kristiinankaupunki High School, where the bus was on its way. There were also high school students on board.

The injured were transported to hospital in Tampere, Vaasa and Närpiö. Their injuries were fractures and neck injuries.

The four people on the track machine were not injured in the collision.

“The driver of the track machine had had time to slow down somewhat before the collision and beep to give a warning,” police said in a statement released on Tuesday.

According to police, the bus was driven by the force of the collision about 25 meters along the rails in front of the tracked work machine before both vehicles stopped. The track machine derailed.

Both the track machine and bus driver blew zeros into the breathalyzer.


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