Accidents The Ysitie is completely closed to traffic in Liperi due to the departure of a car

Police direct traffic to detours.

Ysitie has been closed to traffic due to the disembarkation of a car in Liperi, the North Karelia Rescue Service says. The lanes to the south and north of the motorway are closed.

The police inform after eight in the morning that there was a serious traffic accident near Marjala on Kuopiontie just before six on a Sunday morning.

Police direct traffic to detours on site. The situation is estimated to continue for several hours.

In the accident, one passenger car had drifted between lanes in the middle of a motorway for a reason unknown so far.

Four rescue units were alerted to the scene after half past six on Sunday morning. The Rescue Department did not comment on the personal injuries in the accident.

The scene of the accident is being cleared and a site investigation is underway. Police are investigating the accident and say they will provide more information later.



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