Accidents The Viking Grace accident was the second grounding of Viking Line’s ships this autumn – the company says the cases have nothing to do with each other

At the end of September, Viking Amorella ran aground in the Åland archipelago, this time Viking Grace made ground contact.

Viking Gracen Saturday grounding Mariehamn was the company’s second grounding in the autumn.

The passenger ship Viking Grace ran aground at two o’clock on Saturday near the port of Mariehamn. The vessel is firmly ashore and there are no leaks or personal injury. The reason was Viking Line’s chief information officer Johanna Boijer-Svahnström according to apparently strong winds and surprising gusts of wind. A more specific reason is currently being investigated.

On September 20, a similar incident occurred when Viking Amorella ran aground South of Långnäs in the Hulgrund Gorge. A boulder about four meters long and a couple of meters thick was found in the narrower, which has since been blown up.

The marine survey will be released in January, but Viking Line already knows that the cause of the accident was technical, not human.

In cases has nothing to do with each other, says communications director Boijer-Svahnström. The fact that the company’s passenger ships have run aground twice in just over two months is just an unfortunate coincidence, he said.

“It was many years since the last such case. These are not nice cases, ”Boijer says.

The last time Amorella had a similar accident was in December 2013. At that time, the ship had been on its way from Turku to Stockholm when it had received an electrical failure on a narrow fairway. The ship then ran aground and leaked to the bow spike. Even then, no harm was done to people, cargo or the environment.

Neither Director of the Accident Investigation Board (Otkes) Veli-Pekka Nurmi at least at this point, I don’t see Viking Line’s two ground contacts this fall being connected to each other.

“Now we know quite precisely the course of events in Amorella. The first impression is that these cases have nothing to do with each other, ”says Nurmi.

Otkes is doing a preliminary investigation into Saturday’s grounding. The preliminary investigation will examine, inter alia, whether there is a need for an actual investigation.


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