Accidents The small plane crashed and caught fire in France, killing three people

The accident is estimated to have originated from an engine fault in the machine.

12.6. 23:49

Three people have died in a light plane crash in northern France on Saturday. The news agency AFP reports this.

The local prosecutor Carole Etiennen according to the machine that was on tour probably had an engine failure.

Etiennen according to a four-seater Robin HR 100 aircraft had just left the airport when it crashed and caught fire near Wambrechies, located near the city of Lille in northern France.

Accident investigators had been present, Etienne said, and it is currently estimated that the accident was due to an engine failure in the aircraft.

On the plane persons were 29, 53, and 61 years of age. According to Etienne, they had been on their way to Belgium.



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