Accidents The motorist collided with the front of another car at high speed and tried to escape by swimming in Lauttasaari, two people were seriously injured

The accident occurred on Monday at ten o’clock on Länsiväylä at the Lemissaari junction.

Helsinki A cam crash occurred on Lauttasaari on Monday night, in which two people were seriously injured.

On the western lane at the Lemissaari junction, the car had drifted into the oncoming lane and collided with the bow of another car at high speed.

Inspector Tomi Merilä According to the Helsinki Police Department, the exact speed of the collision is not yet known, but the driver of the car that collided has been driving at a considerable speed.

The drivers of both cars were seriously injured and were taken to hospital for further treatment. There were no other people in the cars at the time of the incident. The driver in the other car had to be removed from the car by sawing.

Incoming the driver of a car in the lane is suspected of a serious threat to road safety, gross negligence and drunk driving. According to Merilä, the driver may have been under the influence of both alcohol and drugs, but the matter is still being investigated.

The suspect tried to escape shortly after the crash by going swimming in the sea. According to Merilä, the rescue service had picked up the man from the water and the police arrested him on the beach.

Police received notice of the accident shortly before ten o’clock. The situation caused a momentary inconvenience to traffic.

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